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Slime Pizza For Android Latest Game

APK Game Slime Pizza For Android Version 1.o.5

Today Full version Apk going to introduce you to a new android arcade game. As you there is a lot of Android games in Android market like, action games, arcade games, racing games and many others. But the game craze is very different from others because every game lover wants a new game with a lot of features every day. He wants to play the new game every day. Therefore a lot of competition in Android gaming market and more difficult because every gaming company should create one game for different devices like, Android, Windows, Mac, Ios. The latest game Slime Pizza For Android introduced by Nitrome & Neutronized’s. The game Slime Pizza For Android has a unique idea. Now I am going To show You the main theme and features of the Slime Pizza For Android.

Slime Pizza For Android

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Slime Pizza For Android Theme

If you are a game lover and had the play and playing games then you observe that in every game the concept of the game is around in the fighting or killing someone, racing, and work as a gangsters type game in the android market. There is no unique and different type of concept used in the games all companies only work on the traditional concept. But Slime Pizza For Android was launched with a new and unique idea by noticing that game lover wants something new. This android game concept is you can choose a character in this game which will be a task as a pizza delivery boy on the lands. He will travel from sea areas. His plan was crash and all the pizza’s spread around. Then he will collect the pizza’s and deliver them to the customers who wait for him. The great news is that this game is free to play only by downloading.

Slime Pizza For Android Features

Multiple Themed levels Travelling

key items  Absordation

Should to find Secret Rooms

Save yourself and pizza’s from list of enemies

Slime Pizza For Android Version 1.o.5 Free Download

This game is free to play only by downloading the game. You can download this game from the link below.

Download Link

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