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Sonic CD Apk Latest Game For Android

Latest Android Game Sonic CD Apk

Today I am here on my website full version Apk to write a post on latest unique theme game for Android mobiles or Android devices. A gift for game lovers provided by the game developers and game publishers. A new best Android game Sonic CD is now released. This game has unique and different ideas from other Android games which already released in the market. The main surprising thing is that this game is free to play the game. You can play this game only by downloading this game. But If you want to play with its extra features then you need to buy the game original version.

sonic cd

The Sonic CD is developed by the sonic team and published by Sega earlier in 1993 but later in 2011. First, this game is released in only Japan but later in other countries. The game is full of features and high-quality screen resolution for the game lovers. It such a great source of fun and entertainment I assure if you play this game you will like this game.  The reason is that this game already gains lot of fans from all over the world.  The game gets 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google play store, it means that the people really like this game. The wait is over now I am going to explain the theme and feature of the game below you can check complete.

Sonic CD Concept

The main concept of this game you should rescue your world and Amy Rose from  Dr. Eggman and his fiendish creations. This game also introduces the time traveling machine by which you can travel in past, present, and future. This a classic game forever in Android market and game market.

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Sonic CD Features

  1. Time Travelling Machine for past, present, future
  2. For defeating You can Collect all seven Time Stones
  3. If you want to clear game them unlock Miles
  4. US and Japanese soundtracks are also available

Sonic CD Free Download

Click on the given link below on the website full version Apk for free download the game.

Download Link

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